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Rogan's Village Bake Shop took over the former Village Bakes shop in January of 1990.  A family run business, it started with our father, James Rogan who from the time he was 4 years old claimed he wanted to be a baker.  This is the third bakery he has owned.  After selling his second, Rogan's Bakery in York, Maine, he got the itch to get back into the business.  Son, Billy jumped on board first and helped in the early going and still works in the kitchen today.  Daughter, Jennifer came into the business in 1994.  Brother Chris and Sister Martha have always been willing to lend a hand.  Grandchildren, Gabrielle, Maximus and Morgan are next in line to join the business.  The only smart one is our mother, who if asked would help but knows that her college counter days were more than enough for her.

Well, it's 24 years later and we're still going strong, building on Jim's original theme of "just make good food at a fair price".  Jim oversees the operation, with Billy and Jen doing the day-to-day running of the business.  We, along with our great staff of people hope you enjoy your visit to our bakery/restaurant.  If you have any questions, coments or ideas please pass them on to us.  We like our customers to feel comfortable.  Thanks for stopping by our website and please come and visit us soon!!

-Jim, Jennifer, Billy and all the staff